We Could Not Cool Down Our Home, And Had Almost No Airflow In The Front Of Our House:

2 Bedrooms Vents,

1 Wash/Vanity Vent 

1 Bathroom Vent.

Your Top Performer & Top Liar! “Hoss”

Came To Our House Held An Airflow Meter In His Hand and Told Me How Much More Airflow We Were Getting On One Side Of The House, After They Turned The Blower Up As High As It Would Go! Super Loud & Cost Us So Much More!

Now Read What He Does Next!

Hoss & I Relocate To The Front Side Of The House, Down a Hallway Where He Reads The Airflow On The Hallway Vent and He Doesn’t Say One Word About Almost Zero AIR Blowing Out of The Hall Vent and The 4 Vents Attached To It Had Very Low Air Coming Through But He said He Didn't Have To Check Them!

We Had To Completely Close Down A Bedroom Vent & Bathroom Vent So We Could Keep The Connecting Washroom & Bedroom Somewhat Cooled and Heated! Running Fans and Space Heaters!! Keeping The Doors Shut!!

Hoss! You Completely Didn't Give A Crap!

So What Did Your Professional Incompetence COST US!!

Yearly Energy Bill 2019

Yearly Energy Bill 2020

Yearly Energy Cost: We Where Suppose To Save At Least 25% Equals 1,820.15 Minimum! We Got Screw Out Of At Least 1,820.15 In Energy Cost!

Calculated Losses 2019 and 2020

DECEMBER 2020 & All of 2021-2022 Has Not Been Calculate Yet! It Is Not Included!

So Many Lies! It's Unreal!

The Goodman Horizontal Unit They Were Suppose To Sell Us and Install Would Not Fit On Our Completely Rusted Out Curb/Stand But This Model Fits Your Completely Rusted Out Original Curb/Stand, From When The House Was Built In 1986! A 32 Year Old Curb/Stand!

The Owner in His Email Said The Model We Wanted Was Cheaper! Mr. Marat Your A Liar!

In Your Email You Said The GPH1448H41 Was Cheaper And Normally Don't Install. Really! That Unit Your Talking About Is Install All Over Our Neighborhood! Just More BS!

Cost on Both Units Cropped

Your Top Guy Installed A New Thermostat But Your Top Guy Would Not Replace Old Wiring or a Completely Filthy Air Filter, Even Though The Wiring Was In The Agreement! Remember He Had No Work Order/Invoice!

Rerunning of Wire Messages

Your So Honest, You Turned Rerunning of Wire


Running Thermostat Wire If Needed!

Then You Tried To Charge Us -900.00 More and You Didn't Even Finish The Job!

You Claim Your Honest On FaceBook! Your Liars And You Don't Give A Crap!

Hallway Vent Zero Air WT

Hallway Vent W Arrow

Hallway Vent With Wind Value
Good Honest HVAC Company

Please Read Hoss’s Text Message! This Has Been There Theme Song! They Also Said, If We Had Any Issues They Would Make It Right!

Your So Honest It's Unreal!

Because We Never Been To Your House, Never Seen The Job and We Showed Up With Nothing! Please Read There Bull Ctrap Email!

PLEASE! Do NOT Hire Anyone Until You Read This REVIEW!

Complainant, Researcher and Custom Web Designer: Terry Najjar (313) 485-4555

Review Complete!

Liar, Liar, Liar!

You Can Find This Website At ACDefrauderAZ.Com