Chris Fultz Said The Installation Meets The Minimum Workmanship Standard!

 We Will Never Hit This 75 Temperature Until The End Of September Or Early October. Our Air Conditioner Will Run 24/7 for the Rest Of The Summer With Every Fan In The House On Full Blast! We Have A Bedroom Vent Close And AZ ROC Doesn't Give A Crap! In Fact The Investigator Chris Fultz Thought A 20 Difference is Acceptable! 114 - 88 = 26 Difference! We Have Been Screwed On Our Energy Bills! Please Read All Published AZ ROC’s Emails! Below!

The 1986 Air Conditioner They Replaced Never Had A Cooling Issue! The Original Unit Was Estimated to be a 8 SEER or 10 SEER Air Conditioner!


AZ ROC Police There Own! There Paid And Bought By The Same Industry They Police! What A Scam!



Read All Facebook Reviews: You'll See Words Like “Waist Of Time!” Useless, Sucks, Favor Contractors, Don't Care!

Please Read All Published Emails From AZ ROC!

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I want to ask the Governors Office to explain why this is happening to us!

Compare AZ ROC

Investigator Chris Fultz #209

Said a 20 Difference From Outside Temp Is Acceptable! Published All Of His Emails!

Christopher Fultz <>

All Emails Published Must Read!

Turning To The Arizona Registrar Of Contractors Was The Second Big Mistake!

The Person that had my case really didn't give a crap about the facts or never called me!

Investigator Chris Fultz #209

Investigator Chris Fultz #209

Said a 20 Difference From Outside Temp Is Acceptable! Published All Of His Emails!

Christopher Fultz <>

It’s All True & I Am Going To Prove And Shine A Spotlight On This Broken Department That Is Suppose To Regulate!

We had an issue with our Original 1986 air conditioner's Heat Pump. Our Insurance Company Sent Qual-Tech Out To Fix It! They Said If We Bought a New Unit, It Would SAVE US A LOT OF MONEY!  They Highly Recommended a GOODMAN Horizontal Package Unit GPH1448H41.

They come with Two Different:

1. Evaporator Motors (Has a Fan-Only Setting) The Unit They Switched Us To Does NOT!

2. Air Returns

3. Air Supply

4. Cabinet Depths

5. Air Flow Data is Completely Different

6. Duct Footprint

8. We bought a Medium Size Chassis, They switched it to a Large Size Chassis.

7. We bought a Dedicated Horizontal Unit They Gave Us A Multi Position Unit!

 8. The Unit We Bought and paid for has Fan-Only Option, and has Filters, plus has a Much bigger Condenser Coil, and It's way more Efficient In HOT Weather! Oh I forgot our fan blade has 4 Blades, the one they gave us has 3 blades.

The Unit they gave is exactly the same, there is no difference they said!

Not only is there a difference, there is a huge Difference!

The Heat pump Is Also Less Efficient With The (Wrong Unit!)

EER Rating = Energy Efficiency Rating, More Important Than SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The difference is the "s" Seasonal

EER is rated for Hot Weather.

Who Cares We Got 11 EER = 12.57 Seer Rating!

The Unit We Were Suppose To Get Is:

12 EER = 13.71 Seer Rating!

How Units Perform In The Exact Same Temperatures, Are Completely Different!

Investigator Statement and TempsNB

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Chris Fultz Didn’t Give A Crap That The EER Was 11 Instead of 12.

EER rating is more important than a SEER Rating. SEER is a Seasonal Rating. EER is for Extreme Hot Temperatures. Especially in Places Like AZ. Chris Fultz doesn’t Care!

In Chris Fultz First Email He Says they are both 3.5 Ton Units. Both 14 SEER. But says Nothing about EER? Why? By the way they are 4 Ton Units!

A higher EER rating means that an air conditioner will provide a lot of cooling effect for every Watt of energy you provide.

12 EER rating is an excellent energy efficiency rating for an air conditioner. Some of the best devices can even reach more than 12 EER.

Minimum Workmanship Standard

Look At This Installation! This is what happen when you Trust The WRONG PEOPLE! We Got Screwed. This Incompetence means NO Airflow From 2 of our Vents and 1/2 the Airflow In 2 Other Vents!

Foot and a Half Heat Chamber

Improper Install!

Proper Install

Improper and Proper Banner

We Can’t Cool Our House! And Our Energy Bill Are Crazy High! Screw Us!

I Made It Right With Photo Shop!

Ducted Crap Work

OK, Lets Look At What A Proper Efficient Professional Installation Looks Like!

Proper Install Examples
Air Flow Compared Complete

This Could Happen To You In Arizona, Hottest State In The Country!

PLEASE! Do NOT Hire Anyone Until You Read This REVIEW!

Complainant, Researcher and Custom Web Designer: Terry Najjar (313) 485-4555

Review Complete!


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