Inside Temp 87 Thermostat Set at 75 SM

Mobile Phone Text Agreement!

You Said That There Was NO DIFFERENCE! It's The Same Thing! What A Bunch Of Liars!


CFM, Watts And E.S.P. Are Completely Different!

But This Unit Fits Your Rusted Out Curb/Stand!

In Your Email You Said This Was A Cheaper Model! Another Lie!

GOODMAN GPH1448M41 and GPH1448H41 Compare

 (GPH1448M41) Goodman AC Package Unit

 (GPH1448H41) Goodman AC Package Unit

Completely Different Air Return And Supply!

The AC Unit That Was Going To Save Us 25% To 30% Is NOT The AC Unit That's On Our Roof!

ALL READERS, It Is VERY Important To Read All Mobile Text Messages! It's Very Revealing! (Link)

Mr. Marat, I Have A Strong Feeling Your Doing Learn On The Job Training!

Mr. Marat Why Didn't You Higher People That Went To School For HVACs, So They Know The Consequences Of There Decisions? You Claim That You Sent Us Your Top Guy, Really!

You Placed The Unit 17.5 Inches Away From Duct Opening! WRONG! The Unit Should Of Been Placed On A Adjustable Curb Stand Right Next To Duct Opening 2 1/2 To 3 1/2 Inches Above Duct Opening!

Alltech Solutions Completely Unprofessional Install!

With The Help of PhotoShop I Was Almost Able To Show You A Proper Install!

Improper and Proper Banner

Used Roof Jacks! Could NOT Get Proper Placement!

I Remove A Section And Raised The Unit Above Duct Opening! Corrected!

Mr. Marat, You Should Send Your Top Guy To Sheet Metal Fabrication School And Learn How Important Proper Roof Curbs/Stands Installation Is And How And Where To Place Them. I'll Give You A Hint: Next To The Duct Opening And 2-1/2 To 3-1/2  Inches Above The Duct Opening!

Alltech Ductwork For Web SM

Proper Installations: Please Compare Your Installation To My Neighbors!

Neighbors HVAC Banner 1

Neighbors HVAC Banner 2

I Sent Mr. Marat Sorokko (Owner) A Link To This Web Page and I Got No Response!

Very Nice, Acted Like They Would Do Anything To Make Us Happy.

Read And See How They Treated Us After!

I Told Your Salesman Richard I Would See You In Court Because You Changed The AC Unit On Us! Then You Kept It A Secret From Us! Your So Honest Aren't You? Thats What You Claim On FaceBook!

Read Your Text Agreement, This Is The Model You Were Paid To Install!


I Knew We Had The Wrong Unit But They Claimed It Was Exactly The Same Thing But It's A Cube Style, Instead Of The Unit We Bid On!! Who Cares What We Bid On! We Choose What Unit You Get Because They Are The Exact Same Thing! TOTALLY WRONG!

Who Do I Plan On Contacting About This Complaint:

Alltech Soulutions Inc ROC 296000
Alltech Soulutions Inc ROC 296000

Our Energy Bills For Two Summers Now, Have Been As Much Or More As Our Original Unit from 1986 (8 or 10 seer). You Screwed Us!

Inside Temp 85 86 87 Degrees

A Fan In Every Room (2 Fans In Family Room) Runs 24/7, All Day, 7 Days A Week!!!

Mr. Marat You Replaced A 1986 Perfectly Running Air Conditioner! Zero Cooling Issues! When It Was Set At 75 It Went Down To 74.

External Static Pressure Research Resized WB


After Your Top Guy Installed The New Unit, You Wanted! He Never Checked Airflow, Air Temp, And Would Not Setup WiFi On Mobile Phone Right After Installation!

Why Did We Get The Wrong Unit!

  Mr. Marat, Richard Bid On This Job Without Looking At It! Your Salesman Said Alltech Solutions Would Come Out and Look at the Job and Said We Would Not Have to be There if They Have Access to the Yard. Richard Said They Were in the Phoenix Area All Of The Time!

 Your Top Guy Hoss showed up with Nothing! Zero Materials! Including No Work Order/Invoice! He took off for 2 Hours Hunting Down Duct, Electrical Whip Kit and Tubing he needed to complete the job! He pieced together our outside Exterior Ductwork! Look At This Crappy Looking Over Sized Ductwork!! You Could Of Used Gray Duct Sealant, But Who Gives A Crap About The Finish Product Of Course!

Ducted Crap Work

You Did Not Have A Curb/Stand For Our New Unit. All Other Companies Included A Curb/Stand. It's Very Strange That Your Sales Person Richard NEVER Mention A Curb/Stand, Why?

Your Top Guy Installed A New Thermostat But Your Top Guy Would Not Replace Old Wiring, Even Though It's In The Agreement! Remember He Had No Work Order/Invoice!

Rerunning of Wire Messages

Your So Honest, You Turned Rerunning of Wire


Running Thermostat Wire If Needed!

Then You Tried To Charge Us -900.00 More and You Didn't Even Finish The Job!

My Brother Handed Your Top Guy Two Thousand Dollars In Cash and Didn't Get A Receipt, Work Order, Invoice, Business Card, Brochure, Model Number, Serial Number, Nothing!

Your Top Guy Couldn't Even Install A New Filter Because They Didn't Give A Crap! Home Depot Is 6 Blocks Away!

Please Click! Much Better View

Your Top Guy Didn't Even Check To See If Our New Unit Was Level!

Not Leveled SM

Your Top Guy Didn't Drain Our New Unit Properly! Can You See The Waterfalls?

Click If You Can't See The Waterfalls

You Installed What You Wanted!

Cube GPH1448M41 Wrong Model

Why Would You Change The Model Of Our Air Conditioner?

You Changed The Model Of Our New Air Conditioning Unit Because You Did Not Have A Curb/Stand For Our New Unit. All Other Companies Included A Curb/Stand. I Cannot Believe That Your Sales Person Richard Wouldn't Bring Up! The Most Important Part Of The Installation, Absolutely Unbelievable!

So Your Top Guy Hoss Decided To Switch Air Conditioning Units On Us and NOT Say Anything About It! I Fought With Richard About The 900.00 Scam The Night The Unit Was Installed. Guess What? Richard, Our Salesman Knew The Unit On Our Roof Wasn't The Model Package Unit We Were Suppose To Get But Would Not Mention The Last Minute Switch, I Found Out The Next Day When I Looked Up At The Unit. Read The Text Messages! You Talk About How Honest You Are On Facebook! What A Huge Lie!

Gary Harper

3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter

Keep Scrolling Down

Turned Heat On At 3:30am Feb.6 2020, would not Warm Up To 79 Degrees!

Google Weather Screenshot Feb 6 2020

Owners Email Response

I Will Give You A Chance To Make It All Right But You Have To Sub Out The Work And I Want A 4 to 5 Star Company Plus Referrals!

I Knew We Were Screwed Right After Installation! Read The Text Messages!

I Dedicated Over 160 Hours Of Research and Custom Web Design! For All The Sleepless Nights and To All The People You Did This Too! Plus All The Stress & Money You Completely Screwed Us Out Of!

Your Top Guy Said Our Swamp Cooler Was NOT Compatible! A Week Later We Found Out It Was From One Of Your Own Technicians! Your So Honest! BS!

PLEASE! Do NOT Hire Anyone Until You Read This REVIEW!

Complainant, Researcher and Custom Web Designer: Terry Najjar (313) 485-4555

Review Complete!

Installation & Aftermath

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