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Hospital Wrist Band

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Hospital Wrist Band June 23 2021

Message To The Attorney General's Office:

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  The Guy that owns this Company Mr. Marat Sorokko has never spoken to me, I asked Mr. Marat Sorokko to call so many times, through installers, Our Salesman, Technicians that showed up, Through emails and I called the office a few times, but he never called me back to this day!

I finally got a call from a so-called owner after the Arizona Attorney General's Office got involved! This guy named Mr. Renat says he is Mr. Marat Sorokko's Brother and they are partners. He said he was the owner of this company.

I became so overwhelmed when the so-called owner called me, I felt this huge adrenaline rush come over me and I immediately started to have heavy chest pain and my breathing became more labored the whole time we spoke, 1-hour & 30 minutes. I had three more hours of chest pain after I hung the phone up with Mr. Renat. I didn't know at the time but I was going to have a Heart Attack 12 hours later! On Tuesday June 22, 2021, Tuesday night into Wednesday Morning at 3:15 am I woke up with Crazy pain coming from my left arm, left shoulder, Teeth, Jaw, and Chest. This happened about 12 hours after speaking with the so-called owner!

In my very first conversation with Mr. Renat, he said he was sorry over and over many times. He said he would make everything right that includes:

Refunding us the 25% to 30% on all of our energy bills since installation date.

Give Us The Model Package Unit they bid on and agreed to install!

Custom made Curb/Stand or Adjustable Curb/Stand, It’s what the unit sits on and custom Duct Work from Unit to roof opening or hole in roof and more if needed!

There is so much more, Mr. Renat wanted us to buy the Unit we wanted and reimburse us for it later. I said no way! There is no trust! What a Fool! You have a Web Page on a website called Liar, Liar, Liar! Unreal!

He was going to make everything right at NO COST! Liar, Liar, Liar! kept saying push back, push back, and more push back! and wanted to do less and less and less! During this process, All of Mr. Renat’s Responses became Text messages and he would NOT respond to me with a phone call after I told him I did not want to text anymore! I asked him to call me many times but he wouldn't! At one point, Mr. Renat said he could not talk or text me anymore because I was going to sue him, I said I had no intentions of suing you! I said, just make everything right like you said you would. In our last text messages he said he would have to charge us for a 5 Ton unit and would not do anything else. Basically do the minimum and not correct the Airflow! Meaning No Curb/Stand And Would NOT Correct the exterior Ductwork from the unit to the opening on the Roof! This is also called the Downflow Plenum! Without correcting this issue, Nothing would be resolved with our Airflow issue! I could not deal with this Issue anymore at the time, it was affecting my recovery because he said he couldn’t get our unit but it would take at least 2 Months, but it was available on line for delivery. He said if I could find another unit that was Compatible and available He would order it. I found a unit with a bigger blower with almost the same specs and price as the unit they were supposed to install. Mr. Renat said he would order a 5 Ton unit. I did not hear from Mr. Renat for a Month, so I finally called him and he said he never ordered it. I was having more chest pain!

During this time I was heavily medicated, taking 9 different prescriptions. I was in recovery and the constant Lies and BS Game he kept playing was too much for me to take! In the end I could not take it anymore! I did not contact the Arizona Attorney General's Office because I couldn’t do it at the time, but now I can!

So what is Push back: disagree with or oppose an action or proposal:

So how long did it take for an owner to call me? Okay let's figure this out, From the day after Installation Feb 14th 2019 until the Law got involved June 22, 2021. (2-Years, 4-Months & 8-Days)

I guess over 2 1/2 years of trying to get this company to do the right thing and after dealing with AZ ROC, took its Toll on me! AZ ROC played a big role in my Stress! The so-called owner would have never ever called me but when he did, he kept lying again and again & never tried to make everything right!

I now know that I had a Heart Attack coming sooner or later but the stress from this Scam was the Trigger!

My Nightmare was Installed on Feb 13, 2019

PLEASE! Do NOT Hire Anyone Until You Read This REVIEW!

Complainant, Researcher and Custom Web Designer: Terry Najjar (313) 485-4555

Review Complete!

AZ Attorney General

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