Alltech Solutions Invoice

So What Is Not On The Invoice?


I Asked The Owner How Can You Show Up With No Invoice, No Paperwork and Zero Materials?

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Click To See Complete Email

Wait! Did You Just Say Invoice and Serial Number? You Showed Up With Nothing, No Invoice! There Is No Serial Numbers Listed On Our Receipt!  Nothing About Model #, Just More BS!

Here Is The Original Receipt From Alltech Solutions!

We Couldn't Get A Receipt With Warranty For 5 Months After We Asked For It 5 Different Times! So We Finally Got Our Receipt with Warranty For The Unit You Wanted, Not The Unit You Bid On and Agreed To Install!

1. Where is Serial Number?

2. Where is Model Number?

PLEASE! Do NOT Hire Anyone Until You Read This REVIEW!

Complainant, Researcher and Custom Web Designer: Terry Najjar (313) 485-4555

Review Complete!

Alltech Solutions Invoice

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